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Why are professional real estate photos are so important to get your home sold? First of all the internet has made it so easy to take a look at the homes through photos. Gone are the days of going through many many homes. Below are examples of horible actual photos that were used on listings.  For a reasonable price, you will set the stage for your homeowners for a quicker sale. It works!
Toilet photos are so unattractive!Crooked photos taken with a cell phone. Does't help the representation of space.Dark photos!A photo of mostly wall ! Just  awful!Another wall ! How in the world does this help with your buying of this placeA photo of a couch. No representation of the living room. Looks like a small place.Um I don't know what to say about this one.So I don't know why this was taken? Maybe useful for a flooring store though.
Examples of Bad Photos I Found On Listings